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New Retirees Brunch September 2023

Oct 01, 2023

Our call, ‘Come For Breakfast’ at Qssis Banquet Hall on Thursday, September 21, 2023, was well received.  The new D24 members expressed their genuine thanks for the invitation and the welcome to our district. One member commented, “It was very informative, and it gave me a glimpse of the diverse and very active work that retired teachers are doing locally and across Ontario.”

Wendy Hooker reported on our September 2023 D24 Member profile consisting of 3016 retired members, 65 actively employed members and 8 new members. Nationally RTO/ERO has almost 85,000 members. We are all ‘education employees’ of early education, primary, secondary, college and university from Public, Private, and French school systems. She provided a summary of the RTO Foundation work, including the Chime program and informative webinars which are subsequently posted on the RTO website. She concluded with reference to the RTO Retirement Planning Workshops, RPWs, both virtual and in-person continuously available to potential members and members.