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Photo journey to Myanmar – Oct. 18, 2022

Oct 23, 2022

From all reports, Travelogue 2022 was a success. Initially, there was some reluctance by members to get back into the swing of things after Covid- 19. However, by Oct 10, people had made up their minds to move forward. Move forward they did. At the start of the event, Dr. Bud Dilling gave a tribute to Anne Ellis Taylor, who was the founder of Travelogue.

Then came the moment for which everyone was waiting. Annemarie McKee, the President of District 24, RTO, entertained us with a detailed and informative trip to Myanmar (Burma). The photo journey was interspersed with live videos of action in Myanmar. This included a group of kids dancing. There was also a table displaying many artifacts from Burma. These artifacts included lacquerware, scarves, and wraps (Longyis) worn by the people of Burma.

At the end of Annemarie’s presentation, there were quite a number of attendees who made a beeline to the display table. They were both engrossed and mesmerized as they looked at the display. Some people requested and got the chance to try on a parasol and a longyi from Myanmar.