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Trivia Quiz October 2023

Oct 12, 2023

Nine teams of four gathered for this year’s trivia contest at the Stone Cottage Pub on October 12, 2023.  You could see the wheels turning as participants geared up to a challenging afternoon of recall. Jerry Chadwick assured us that he had made questions easier this year. There is still some debate about that.  Thank you to Jerry and to Gary Fick who recorded the scores after each round.

This year, nachos were served so that tables could decide on meat or vegetarian versions.  Each participant had a non-alcoholic beverage of choice.  Those who wanted to have a beer or a glass of wine with their nachos were able to order and pay individually.

We had three winning teams.  First place again this year was the Spring Creakers led by Charles Hay. Second place winners were The Quizinators led by Sheila McCann.  Third-place winners were The Percy Pals led by Marilyn Savage.

Congratulations to everyone.  It was a fun afternoon.